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On the two probably most relevant social media platforms Facebook & Instagram, our experience allows us to achieve maximum results with your advertising budget. Thanks to a huge data pool, your target group can be found and addressed specifically.

Brand Awareness & New Customers? - No Problem.

Your Advantages

Whether your goal is to get more customer inquiries for services or generate sales in your online store, we can help with our Paid Social expertise.

Instagram & Facebook

In total, the two social media giants have about 3 billion users. By using paid social properly, you have the opportunities to reach a massive amount of people cost-efficiently.

Specified Targeting

Facebook & Instagram collect extremely many data of their users, which enables a targeted approach to the target group. Targeting can be adjusted to demographic and geographic characteristics, and to the behavior and interests of users.

Transparent Results

Transparent resultsIn contrast to conventional marketing measures, paid social can be measured transparently. This enables us to precisely track the success of the campaigns and further expand them on the basis of defined KPIS.


The large potential reach combined with the transparent results makes it possible to scale a profitable campaign by increasing the advertising budget used. Thus, the sales can be multiplied in a controlled manner.

overview of our approach

The individual components

Below is a brief explanation of the approach and system we use to set up campaigns for our clients. Just click on the arrows to learn more. 
Every step counts

The Funnel-Strategy

Basically, we always think in terms of 4 funnel stages, each of which builds on the other. Each campaign must be aligned according to the funnel stage. This also applies to the advertising budget, the advertising messages and the advertisements used. We support you in building a successful funnel.

In this step, the broad masses are addressed who have not yet had any contact with your product or service. 

Now, those who have already been exposed to the product are targeted. They may have already seen certain videos of yours, interacted with ads or one of your social media accounts.

This phase includes people who have already taken a closer look at your offer but have not yet been able to make a purchase decision. In e-commerce, for example, these are typically shopping cart abandoners. 

Existing customers are in the final phase. The goal in this phase is to increase the repurchase rate and the customer live time value and to turn the customers into convinced brand representatives.

The recipe for success

Our Process

By doing it right, we will give you full satisfaction.

Together we will discuss your goals and the current problem in our consultation and plan the strategy based on this. Do you want to generate as many leads as possible or is your focus on sales in the online store? We will come up with a strategy that is tailored exactly to your needs.

Together with you, we define the characteristics of your target group and work out the product benefits that they particularly appreciate. The better this step succeeds, the less wastage can be expected within the campaign.

The campaign planning is specifically tailored to you and we will respond to your wishes and suggestions. The campaign is designed to reach your goal as efficiently as possible.

We keep a constant eye on your advertising campaigns and act immediately if there is a reduction in performance. In addition, the campaigns are continuously optimized based on defined KPIs.

Fair prices For sustainable cooperation.

Our Offer

The price of paid social support depends on the advertising budget and the effort required to achieve the goal. After an initial discussion with you and a corresponding needs analysis, we will prepare a customized offer for you. To give you an idea of the services we offer and our lower price limit, we have provided an overview below. Depending on the project and the advertising budget, a variable remuneration, which depends on the performance, is also possible.

Paid social

ab 890
€/ MO
  • Instagram und Facebook Marketing
  • Target group definition + specific targeting
  • Measurable results & KPIs
  • Weekly performance updates
  • Ongoing Optimization
  • Demonstrable increase in sales
  • Image and video production for social ad creatives (bookable in addition)

Your contact person

I am personally available for you and would be happy to advise you on how Paid Social and we as an agency can concretely help you achieve your business goals. Feel free to contact me by email or give me a call. I am sure that I can help you with my Paid Social expertise.

Jakob Doll

Paid Social Expert

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So you know how it goes.

The Process


Arrange conversation

Pick a free date and give us the most important info about the upcoming project.  


Preliminary interview and analysis

The preliminary meeting usually lasts 30 minutes. During this time we work out the concrete potentials for your company.


And Let's go!

After we find a suitable offer for you, we get started right away and increase your sales with Paid Social.

An insight into our results.

Case Studies

Paid Social

Ad Optimization

Jewels to go sells personalized, handmade jewelry made from high-quality materials. The previous setup of the dynamic retargeting campaign was not profitable. After we relaunched the tracking and the product catalog, the campaign generated significantly more sales and was able to show a ROAS of 5.06 in the following month.

Paid Social | SEA

Lokales Marketing

The practice of Daniel S. Müller, MD, in the heart of Munich, offers various treatments in areas of aesthetic medicine, including minimally invasive procedures. Through paid social on Facebook and Instagram, as well as ads on Google, which we played out in the Munich area, we were able to drastically increase website traffic and leads gained there.

So that they know they are in good company.

Our Paid Social Customer

The most frequently asked questions answered quickly.


We place great value on trust and satisfaction – your website is in safe hands with us. Our service is a sustainable investment in your online project. Depending on the package, we equip your WordPress website with the best premium plugins and cover their costs – this saves you money, time and headaches.

Yes, ondevi GmbH as an agency offers not only web services but also digital marketing as a service. With performance marketing on Facebook, Instagram and Google, we generate new customers for you online, for example. Marketing and IT from a single source is a very strong synergy that is combined in our agency through short commuting and collaborative thinking.

Regardless of whether you only have one or twenty WordPress websites – you are always welcome with us. Each website requires its own maintenance package, which you can select individually for each WordPress site.

No, the 30 minutes for support and bug fixes apply to the respective month and there is no transfer to the following months.

Since your satisfaction is important to us, we do our best to make the interior as pleasant as possible. To put it simply: You will receive very simple instructions on how to set up a maintenance account for us and send us the access data securely – then we will take care of the rest.

Yes, we can work with any hosting provider. If necessary, we can also move your WordPress website to one of our recommended hosting providers with faster server response times.

In our experience, 30 minutes is very good. If not, we won’t leave you out in the rain. We first test all updates on a staging page so that there are as few bugs as possible on the live page. Should extensive problems arise, we will proactively contact you and suggest a solution.

Our maintenance contracts have a term of at least 6 months. You can pay monthly or annually. If you pay annually, you will receive a discount of 15%.

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