Digital Marketing

Here you will find our services in the field of digital marketing. They represent the link between digital technology and marketing application. For optimal use, insights, processes and methods from both worlds are needed.

Paid Social

On the two probably most relevant social media platforms Facebook & Instagram, our experience allows us to achieve maximum results with your advertising budget. Thanks to a huge data pool, your target group can be found and addressed specifically.

Instagram Management

In our history, we have already managed various Instagram accounts with a total of over 2 million followers. We know the platform inside out and can help you organically gain more reach and fans.

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

We ensure with paid Google ads that you are displayed at the top for the most important search terms. As a result, you achieve more visitors who are just waiting to be converted into new customers.

Search Engine Optimization

By optimizing your webiste/shop content and increasing user experience, it signals to the Google search engine that you are the optimal search result for the given search query. SEO is the organic or unpaid counterpart to SEA.

E-Mail Marketing

We set up an automated email funnel for you. In this funnel, your subscriber receives the most important information about your company’s news and offers and is encouraged to buy or repurchase.

Influencer Marketing

We pick out influencers who specifically fit your brand and use their reach & trust to place your advertising message in the community according to the target group. In addition, the influencer’s unique content has a positive influence on the other marketing measures.


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