About us

Only those who know their counterparts well and understand their motives can build trust. Only in this way is it possible to work together in a spirit of partnership. Below you will find the quintessence of what you should know about us.

ondevi speaks Digital

We are a team of digital natives who know the web inside out. Our vision is to take your business forward digitally. So don’t worry if you feel lost in the online world! As your competent partner, together we will master every digital challenge and multiply your company’s success with the help of the Internet’s possibilities.

The Team

Florentin Becker

Content Creator

Oliver Möller

Data & Web Specialist

Jannik Schlomann

IT & Web Development

Nico Pawlik

Marketing Trainee

How we think.

What we believe in

We are convinced that any business that offers added value has the potential to make waves on the Internet. We are also sure that those who do not know how to use it will fail in the long run.

How to reach it

First of all, it is necessary to familiarize oneself with the numerous possibilities of the digital world. This is the only way to select the best options for the company in line with its needs. With the necessary expertise, the full power of the online world can then be unleashed and the company's success sustainably increased.

Our role in it

With our expertise in online marketing and IT, we help SMEs unleash and fully exploit their digital potential. In particular, we stand out for the synergy of marketing expertise and technical know-how, which is becoming increasingly important in a digitalized world, between data & tracking codes.

The Internet is like a wave: you either learn to swim on it or you sink.
Bill Gates
Founder Microsoft

What we stand for.

Here you will find the values and guiding principles by which we operate in our company.

01  Excellence

Our claim is to achieve above-average results. To this end, we have been working hard for years and continuously educate ourselves. The declared goal is to become true masters of our trade. We want to shine with our skills in order to stand out from the mass of mediocrity.

02  Clarity

The world is becoming increasingly fast-paced and we humans are struggling against a daily overload of stimuli. Many things are ambiguous and only few things are clear anymore. As a result, it is of great value to us to make complex things simple by developing concise solutions. Clear communication and mutual transparency are central for us.

03  Freedom

For us, freedom means giving ideas and potentials a space and the opportunity to realize them. In the changing digital world, it is essential to be able to break new ground. As a reliable partner, we take responsibility for your digital challenges so that you have a free head for the things you do best.

04  Passion

The activities we offer you as a service are part of our passion. To bring you and your company forward with our knowledge and skills inspires and fulfills us. We burn for our work, which is also reflected in the quality of the results. We only offer services that we ourselves are deeply convinced of.

What we do.

Unleash potentials

Realize visions

Drink espresso

Keeping a cool head

Questioning the status quo

See customers as partners

New German: Hustlen.

What we don't do.

Average SH*T

Wait and see

TV commercials

Gag contracts

Use Internet Explorer

Being bored at work

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